Friday, April 11, 2008

You guys are huge, huge in umh... Europe, right?

Hello darlings,
so today I'm going to write a little something about my favourite band, The Strokes!

The New York quintet's effortless and laid-back garage rock is genius but in a nonchalant way. You cannot help but feel elegant strutting down the street when their harmonious modern rock and roll rings through your ears. It is the brillant blend of contemplative lyrics, impeccable bass lines laced with melodious guitar riffs that makes you wanna put on a cropped leather jacket along with aviator sunglasses and hit the town.

The band consists of Albert Hammond Jr. (rythmn guitar), Nikolai Fraiture (bass guitar) and Fabrizio Morretti (drums), who form one solid yet versatile rythmn section and lay the foundations for the lead section, which is comprised of Nick Valensi (lead guitar) and charismatic Julian Casablancas (vocals).

The Strokes constitute the perfect soundtrack to have a few pre-drinks to before going clubbing or bar hopping, but also to come down to after having been out. Their music's surprising structure and cadence create a danceable beat, yet you can definitely sit back and relax to some of their tunes. It is no wonder why the majority of their photoshoots or music videos take place in bars! And there's nothing I like more than seeing one of the boys chugging a Heineken.

Much hyped and critically-aclaimed Is This It, the band's debut album, is sheer perfection. Sophomore effort Room on Fire did not benefit from the same reception, as critics apparently failed to appreciate its maturity and poise. The band's latest release, First Impression of the Earth posesses huge hits and is very ambitious. All in all, the band proved it had incredible talent and that all those revival garage rock bands, which surfaced around the same period, did not hold a candle to it (coughthehivescough). But I am not here to trash talk about rock bands, am I! In addition to making fantastic music, the band is one of the most stylish bands ever. Granted, they do have a stylist but that doesn't take away the fact that they look superb in those vintage clothes.

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