Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Uffie never disapoints (musically at least)

Uffie, the American, Paris-based electro-rap teenage extraordinaire, posted a new song on her Myspace. This is something to get excited about given that we are still awaiting a full-length release on her part. The song is entitled Robot Oeuf and is featured on the Ed Banger Records (the French label home to gasp! Justice as well as Mr Oizo) volume III compilation, coming out May 26th 2008. And tell you what, the song is unsurprisingly badass as is the rest of Uffie's work.

Besides, we abruptly learned that the 19-year old singer got engaged. Naturally we thought it was very fairy tale-like, the fact that Uffie and long-time beau slash collaborator slash labelmate DJ Feadz were going to get married.

Except that to our horror the gamine didn't get engaged to Feadz but to a French graffiti artist named André! Word on the street is that he proposed in Tokyo, only ten days after they started dating and that the same day, they got each other's name tattoed. Yes we know, we do sound a bit like minus the drunken macho jokes about Kim Kardashian's butt or Jennifer Aniston in a bikini (what? what are you trying to imply? No really. We only read this pile of nonesense for
research purposes. Okay to laugh at Heidi Montag's horseface. Okay maybe to read about Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz's wedding. There.).

Well, it all makes sense now. In fact, we were wondering to whom
First Love's bitter lyrics were addressed to, and to our suspicions, they were adressed to none other than Feadz. Strangely enough, they were still together at the time she wrote and performed the song, since he contributed, along with Mr Oizo, to her first songs and demos. Oh well, let's push aside all this speculation in order to wish Uffie and her new Marc Jacobs look-alike fiancé much luck and happiness and pray for a debut album with some Feadz in it hopefully.

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